A Basic Question

Does it make sense that drugs could make us happier?  Calm our hearts?  Give us self-control?  Reduce our anger?  Do you have such a low view of the human spirit that you think drugs are the solution to our mental/ emotional/ spiritual struggles?  Isn’t there something in you that instinctively reacts against this materialistic view of man that suggests that drugs can correct our chemical imbalances and therefore heal our broken souls?  It is NOT science that proves that this is the case.   Science has shown that there is no solid evidence for the chemical imbalance theory.  Shake yourself out of the delusive spell that has worn down your natural God-given instincts to reject the idea that drugs can heal our souls and spirits.   If there is a God, then relating to Him plays a far more significant role than you have previously imagined.  Your life-style and beliefs, and dependence on God are the major factors affecting your mood and behavior.  These complex issues cannot be solved with PILLS!!  You know that in your heart.  Stop falling for this false and easy fix, which is really no fix at all.

May God bless you,

Alex Freid


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